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The Filicori Zecchini Espresso Blend is a fine blend of Brazilian Arabica and Asian Robusta: the result is an intense and well-rounded coffee, with a decisive aroma and well-balanced flavors.



The sweetness is the prevailing quality of this blend, similar to the Kavè, which maintains a decisive and pleasing aroma and calls to mind hints of almond and nougat.  The totally negligible astringent and the fine aftertaste make this intense blend elegant and delicate.

Filicori Zecchini Coffee

Since 1919, Filicori Zecchini has been synonymous with high quality coffee, Bolognese history, experience and family. Right at the end of the World War I, Aldo Filicori and Luigi Zecchini decided to start up a commercial activity in Bologna which flourished under their watchful and expert supervision, the entire coffee production chain, from the importation of the coffee beans up to the preparation of the espresso. Around that coffee cup, a real world of values was soon constructed that, still today, brings together that passion for the traditional and the technological innovation to create unmistakable products.

From the times when the aroma of just roasted coffee drifted around the streets of Bologna city centre, between Via degli Orefici, where the Bottega del Caffè coffee shop was situated, and Via Oberdan, where the first headquarters of traditional coffee roasting was situated, a century has now passed.  Years brimming with satisfaction and achievements that have led the company to distribute that unique flavor to 43 countries, created in a small Italian coffee shop, where the coffee was nurtured and loved and where there were no compromises in the search for quality. 

No bar, pastry shop or restaurant should be without the aroma, taste and pleasure of coffee. Their strength comes from experience and knowledge earned from years of working side by side with customers. They impart a wealth of knowledge, offering the highest quality products, consulting, training and all the services that we at Coco Veranda utilise to bring you a unique and unmistakable quality experience of taste.

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